The new way to pay

PayNode is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avinode Group. It is the world’s first payment service provider created to support the global business aviation industry. It is the new way to pay for high value transactions: 24/7, 365.

We offer fast payment settlement, notification and fund movement – independent of geographical location, currency and transaction value. We present a full end-to-end payment platform, through credit card payments and a global wire bank transfer network. Specifically designed to handle high value, cross-border transactions, PayNode increases speed of payments, simplifies cross-border payments and reduces back office inefficiencies. The service provides end-to-end security and transparency across the payment chain and significantly advances the whole payment process.

The PayNode story

Avinode Marketplace is the world’s leading tool for buying and selling air charter, utilized by over 80% of the global charter market. Avinode’s entrepreneurial heritage is steeped in disrupting accepted ways of doing business through presenting state-of-the-art online solutions, intended to bring business aviation into the 21st century. Across three offices and multiple oceans, Avinode leads the industry with innovative technologies and smart solutions that expand the future of air charter.

In 2015 Avinode initiated a project to evaluate the payment flow in the business aviation market with the goal of understanding the current hurdles involved in the process. Based on customer input and the realization that the payment procedure is a true industry pain point, Avinode made the decision to enter the payment space with the ambition to build and launch the first ever payment platform specifically targeted at the business aviation market: PayNode – the next logical evolution in the Avinode story.


    In 2015, the world's leading tool for buying and selling air charter, initiates a project to fully understand the payment space.


    In 2016, American Express and PayNode enter a relationship to present a payment solution enabling charter flights to be paid for via credit card.


    In 2017, the AVCARD corporate charge card becomes the second payment method to be supported by PayNode.


    In 2018 PayNode will follow this with a comprehensive 24/7, 365 payment flow solution including bank wire transactions, rapid settlement, notification and fund movement - independent of geographical location, transaction currency and transaction value.

The PayNode Group

PayNode is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avinode Group.

Our sister companies

The Avinode family is committed to providing leading technology within business aviation.

Avinode is the world’s largest online marketplace for buying and selling private air charter. There are more than 7,000 aviation professionals using the system daily, with 3,200 aircraft listed in the Marketplace, and 450,000 flight requests processed a month. The Avinode Marketplace features online quoting, availability reports, integrated scheduling, empty leg reports and safety data.


SchedAero, a wholly owned subsidiary of Avinode Group, is a web-based aircraft and crew scheduling software system designed for air charter operators, flight departments and private aircraft owners. With SchedAero, members have access to advanced software enabling scheduling, quoting, flight and duty logging, invoicing, customer management and so much more.


Serving countries

PayNode is available to merchants in the US, Mexico and European Economic Area countires. Canada merchants will be able to use the service soon. If you're interested in trying PayNode, Contact us.

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Our partners

We are proud to work closely with the following exceptional companies.

American Express

We are working exclusively with American Express on PayNode’s first product, a credit card solution specifically created to support the business aviation industry.

American Express is a global services company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.


AVCARD is used by more flight departments and charter operators than any other card. In collaboration with PayNode, AVCARD is now being actively promoted as a way to pay for charter and sub-charter flights in addition to its popular use as payment method for fuel, maintenance, catering, flight training and many other aviation services.

Multi Service

Multi Service Technology Solutions Inc. (MSTS) is the financial processor behind PayNode. MSTS acts as both a payment card issuer and a merchant acquirer to develop closed-loop billing and payment programs for business-to-business transactions. MSTS specializes in creating closed-loop network payment programs that may be utilized exclusively within a select group of merchant locations, providing administrative savings and business insights to users on both the supplier and procurement side of the B2B equation.

Meet the team!

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Desiree Castro
Business Development Manager
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Kelly Byrne Dzioba
Customer Success Manager
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Anna Halvardsson
Anna Halvardsson
Inside Sales Manager
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