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Payments fly


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If you need technical support or would like to know more about PayNode, please use the form below or call one of our offices.

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No. 1

How do I get started with Paynode?

The easiest way is to fill in the form on the Contact page. Within 24 hours, we will contact you to schedule an introductory presentation and demo of Paynode. If you like what you hear and see, then we’ll move on to the Paynode set up process.

No. 2

Who can use Paynode?

Paynode was specifically designed for the business aviation industry. So if you are a charter broker or charter operator, Paynode is for you.

No. 3

How does Paynode relate to the other Avinode applications?

Paynode is seamlessly integrated with all Avinode Group applications so you can manage payments with Paynode while remaining in your Avinode application of choice. The only thing you need to do to get started is contact us and we’ll get you going with Paynode.

No. 4

How does Paynode differ from other payment services?

Paynode was developed to simplify the payment process for professionals in the bizav industry. We started from the ground up and created a digital-first payment platform that sails right over the traditional tangles and frustrations of making high value payments across international borders. With Paynode, paying for air charter is straightforward, secure and a dream come true for your accounts receivable department.


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