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Here at PayNode, we’re looking back on another outstanding National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention & Exhibition. We really enjoyed meeting so many current and future members of our ever-growing US customer base. We also really enjoyed the excitement at the event when we revealed details of our latest plans.

We’re partnering with international currency specialist WorldFirst to offer wire bank transfer payments, for charter brokers and operators, through PayNode. Beta testing is taking place over the next quarter, ready for full launch in 2018.

Although we were pleased by the response to our news at NBAA 2017, we weren’t at all surprised. The air charter industry wants and needs an efficient wire bank transfer solution. That’s why we’re creating this payment option. Everybody loves the idea of automatic reconciliation and processing. We really believe we’re about to launch game-changing technology.

Our goal is to dramatically improve the cross-border, cross-currency wire transfer payments common in business aviation. PayNode’s new wire bank transfer service will mitigate foreign exchange risk for brokers and operators receiving payment; offer competitive exchange rates to payers; allow the high-speed transfer of international and domestic payments; and notify operators and brokers when a payment has been received, so charter services can be flown without delay.

But we didn’t just talk about wire bank transfers at NBAA 2017. All forms of payment processing are big issues in the business aviation industry. Chargebacks remain a concern, so we understand why brokers and operators stress how much they love the simplicity, speed and security PayNode brings when handling credit card payments. PayNode provides a secure end-to-end payment system to minimise risk of exposure to chargebacks. And don’t forget AVCARD, one of the world’s most widely accepted aviation charge cards, can now be used to pay for charter and sub-charter flights through PayNode too.

We’re right behind the idea of technology driving our industry forward and creating a more efficient business aviation sector. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of PayNode, please do visit this page: http://paynode.com/our-service#better-business.

There are now over 100 European and US brokers and operators using PayNode. Here are just some of the comments we’ve received from customers since launching the service at NBAA 2016….

Giles Vickers-Jones, chairman of international business aviation charter broker SHY Aviation, said: “PayNode is such a big improvement on the old, time-intensive payments processes.”

Andrew Gulsrud, chief operating officer at US-based charter company Prime Jet, said: “Using PayNode means we have a much better chance of getting paid than before. We welcome any measures that improve the security of transactions.”

And Luis Barros, founder and chief executive officer of Texas-based Horizon Air Group, said: “PayNode takes so much stress away. Using PayNode is simply a no-brainer.”

Many thanks to everyone who came to see us and join our debate at NBAA 2017. We’re really looking forward to meeting you all again next year. Until then, don’t forget to regularly visit our website and read our newsletter. There’s always a lot happening at PayNode.

By Magnus Henriksson, Managing Director, PayNode.

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