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Happy birthday to us! Having launched PayNode in November 2016, we’ve now been making life easier for charter brokers and operators for over a year. But we’re not relaxing. In fact, we’re constantly developing our service to meet the industry’s needs.

In case you’ve missed any of our news in the last year, here are just some of the upgrades we’ve made.

Did you know, for example, AVCARD can now be used to pay for charter and sub-charter flights through PayNode? As one of the world’s most widely accepted aviation charge cards, it was no surprise when our customers called for PayNode to accept AVCARD. We listened and acted, adding the service in May 2017.

And if you’re thinking: ‘PayNode sounds great but I don’t live in the US,’ you might be able to think again. We launched the service in the States but we’ve since rolled PayNode out to Mexico and Europe.

Our customers constantly inspire us and we’ve been talking to some of our early adopters about their experiences over the past year. Their thoughts might inspire and help you too.

Are you frustrated, for example, by the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks when customers make bookings? If so, you need to think about PayNode. Listen to what Luis Barros, founder and chief executive officer of Texas-based Horizon Air Group, has to say: “Our sales team really appreciate the fact PayNode’s automation reduces their paperwork. Just as pilots hate not flying, salespeople hate not selling. They want to be engaging with customers, so it’s great PayNode can take care of so much administrative work for them.”

Or perhaps payment security is a real concern for your business at the moment? If so, Andrew Gulsrud, chief operating officer of US-based charter company Prime Jet, offers this solution: “Our industry’s ‘traditional’ security checks for customer payments, involving tasks such as scanning hard-copy photographic identification documents, are so slow. But with PayNode’s online service and ‘due diligence’ procedures, everything is made much easier and more secure for us than before.”

If you feel your business already runs too many technology platforms, and you simply don’t want to add more complexity to your company’s IT requirements, there’s no need to worry. As Jocelyn Molina, flight scheduling manager at Los Angeles-based Advanced Air, tells us: “The integration of the Avinode Group’s products is amazing. I’ve received great feedback from our accounting department about PayNode.”

It’s been a fantastic first year. Like most disruptive technology, we spent a long time carefully preparing PayNode but the ‘revolution’ seems to have happened overnight. As Luis Barros told us: “PayNode just feels natural now. The old-fashioned ways of processing credit card payments in business aviation simply aren’t good enough anymore.”

But, as I mentioned before, we’re not complacent. A recurring theme of our conversations with customers has been the desire to add wire bank transfer transactions to PayNode. That’s why we’re partnering with international currency specialist WorldFirst to bring you just such a service. Beta testing is taking place over the next quarter, ready for full launch in 2018.

Many thanks to all our customers, not just for your support but for the feedback that helps us keep improving.

By Magnus Henriksson, Managing Director, PayNode.

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